Choosing who supports you can be a stressful time. What choices do you have? 
Whether it be a Personal Assistant or a support worker S4I gives you three options to promote choice and independence.

Option1: Interview and make a choice from one of our already trained staff. 

Option two: Let us advertise for the position of PA or support worker at our cost and you be a part of the interview panel and process. By doing this you get to have a say in who supports you. We will then train them up to a high standard and employ them to support you as part of your care package. 

Option three: do you have a friend or someone you know and trust who you would like to be your support. We will happily employ them, train and deal with their PAYE etc to take away the stress and give you peace of mind that they are fully equipped to support you in the way you want. 

We will consider other options and are happy for your feedback.


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